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ICMA Webinar: MiFID II/R implications for Russia and other CIS countries
Supported by MOEX and NFA

Date and Time

Date:  23 April 2018
Time: 14:00 – 15:00 (Moscow time) | 12:00- 13:00 (London time)

Event Overview

MiFID II/R came into force on 3 January 2018. The scope of this regulation is exceptionally broad and has presented enormous implementation challenges for fixed income markets, affecting participants both within and outside the European Union. Its impact is felt also in Russia and CIS markets and elsewhere.

During the webinar Andy Hill, Senior Director, Market Practice & Regulatory Policy, International Capital Market Association (ICMA) provided an overview of the main changes that MiFID II/R would bring to European fixed income market structure and operation and highlight the opportunities that have been created for new market entrants and new ways of doing business.

Among the topics covered:

  • Market structure – what are regulated markets, MTFs, OTFs and Systematic Internalisers under MIFID II/R?
  • Transparency and reporting
  • Research unbundling
  • Best execution reporting
  • Potential market impacts and challenges
  • Implications for non EU firms 
  • There will be an opportunity at the end of the webinar to discuss any questions 
Admission: This ICMA event is free of charge and open to all ICMA members and interested market participants. Registration in advance is essential. 

Mr Philippe Lespinard (c/o Julie Moore)

CIO and Co-Head of Fixed Income

Schroder Investment Management Limited

31 Gresham Street

London, EC2V 7QA