About ICMA
Mission Statement

ICMA is a membership association, committed to serving the needs of its wide range of members representing both the buy side and sell side of the industry. Its membership includes issuers, intermediaries, investors and capital market infrastructure providers. ICMA currently has more than 530 members located in over 60 countries worldwide.

Working actively with its members in all segments of the wholesale market, ICMA focuses on a comprehensive range of regulatory, market and other relevant issues, which impact market practices and the functioning of the international debt capital markets.

In addition, ICMA responds to the needs of its members on the buy side, both asset managers and investors, by focusing on relevant regulatory, market and other issues throughout the full spectrum of their activities.

The mission of ICMA is to promote resilient and well functioning international debt capital markets, which are necessary for economic growth.

ICMA seeks to achieve this through:
  • helping to build trust in the industry by promoting internationally accepted standards of market practice through the development of appropriate, industry accepted, guidelines, rules, recommendations and standard documentation, to maintain and enhance the framework of cross border issuing, trading and investing in debt instruments;
  • bringing all segments of the industry together both the buy side and sell side, and encouraging dialogue between the industry as a whole and the authorities - including governments, regulators and central banks - at a national and international level to ensure that financial regulation promotes, in a balanced and proportionate way, the resilience, efficiency and cost effectiveness of international debt capital markets;
  • promoting networking and information flow amongst market participants and between market participants and the authorities, by organising market conferences, seminars, roundtables and meetings;
  • promoting high professional standards for market participants through market focused education.
ICMA is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, and to promoting the highest standards of professional integrity.

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