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ICMA legal & regulatory helpdesk
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+44 20 7213 0341 (London)

+41 44 360 5237 (Zurich)

+852 2531 6590 (Hong Kong)

ICMA contacts:

For legal enquiries: legalhelpdesk@icmagroup.org

For market practice and regulatory policy queries: regulatoryhelpdesk@icmagroup.org

ICMA’s legal and regulatory helpdesk offers members guidance in the following areas:

ICMA legal
  • ICMA Primary Market Handbook
  • ICMA Rules and Recommendations for the Secondary Market
  • Global Master Repurchase Agreement (GMRA)
  • ICMA GMRA Legal Opinions
  • ICMA Conciliation and Arbitration

ICMA market practice and regulatory policy
  • Securities market regulation
  • Short term markets (ECP, repo)
  • Primary markets
  • Secondary markets (OTC)
  • Asset management

“While ICMA staff may provide informal guidance as a courtesy to members this should not be relied upon as formal advice and members should seek counsel and assistance from their own legal or other professional advisors when recommended or otherwise as appropriate.”